Certified Pet Groomers in Tonganoxie, KS

Monica Gee is the owner/groomer of Wizard of Paws. Monica has 27 years of dog and cat grooming experience that has been enhanced with continued education. Monica's passion for pets started at a very young age and continues still today. She is often referred to as the “Grooming Whisperer.” Monica has this uncanny ability to calm animals, read their body language, and handle all pets superbly. Monica is a certified groomer through the National Association of Professional Creative Groomers (N.A.P.C.G.).

Kourtni is a full time groomer with blossoming skills. Kourtni has been with Wizard of Paws part time, for 3 years, while doing an apprenticeship. She recently completed her apprenticeship and is now a full time groomer. Kourtni does beautiful work with a calming presence for the furry clients. Kourtni loves to work with the dogs and cats and has a strong commitment to perfecting her skills. Kourtni is a member of NAPCG and is planning to certify this year.

Hannah is our part time front desk mastermind. She keeps the groomers on time and working seamlessly. Her cheerful greetings and competent skills with the management make Wizard of Paws a smooth operation.
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Karen is our part time bather. Her cheerful attitude and love of the dogs makes her a standout. Karen has made a big difference at Wizard of Paws and we love her help.