Skin and Coat Treatment in Tonganoxie, KS

At Wizard of Paws, we take the health of your pet’s skin and coat very seriously. Our staff is trained to optimize our education and products to the benefit of every pet in our salon.

Skin can be affected by many factors such as environment, allergies, breed issues, bacteria, yeast, fleas, mites, food and many more. Our years of knowledge is at your disposal when your pet is in our salon.

A dog’s coat is more than just what is covering them. A coat protects them from external elements such as weather, containments and stressors.

There is a difference between hair and fur. Hair will continue to grow until cut, while fur grows to a certain length and stops. A double coated fur bearing breed will have a soft undercoat while having a coarse top coat. These coats regulate the dog’s body temperature during hot and cold weather.

Examples of hair bearing breeds would be Yorkies, Poodles & Shihtzus. Examples of fur bearing breeds would be Golden Retrievers, Huskies & Pomerainians.

Wizard of Paws does not recommend shaving double coated breeds as it is damaging to the coat and skin. Shaving a double coated breed can cause post clipping alopecia. PCA can cause slow fur growth, patchy fur growth, no fur growth or cause balding. This can happen after one shave or after years of shaving it can appear. There are ways to groom your double coated breeds without causing damaging results.

Regular grooming is a great way to help prevent matting, bad skin or other health issues.

Please call Wizard of Paws and lets us help maintain great skin and coat for your pet.
Skin and Coat - Skin and Coat Treatment in Tonganoxie, KS
Let us shed out your double coated dog
Get your dog groomed regularly to avoid your turning their hair into a pelt.